I wrote two novels, three plays, and some short stories, all in French only. I'm actually working on several projects.

Novels : L'amour avec un traversin - Les contes de mon père
Plays : Y a pas d'heure pour être heureux - Le goût de l'amour, l'odeur du reste - Sur le plancher de grand-père
Short stories : Flamenco - Huit vies de trop - Le trompettiste - La défensive


I like to make games to experiment new stuffs, or new ways to play. My greatest partner in crime is Dziff. You should check her stuff. She's good.

Alone : slaaam! - Trepanation - RMBR - Milmilliar - Til Tunglsins
With Dziff : LUPA - Cell 22 - X-PRESS
With other folks : SpaceShip - Goldie

I'm also part of Klondike collective.


As long as I can remember, I tried to hit one billions views on youtube. But I much prefer to film what I want instead of doing bankable stuff.

Again, sorry non-speaking French visitors but I only did French stuff. You can check my YouTube's channel to find everything you don't want.