proetry stands for "procedural poetry"

lonelyness is a river of rocks
it designs you in a gorgeous way

it's available on PC and android
each time you touch the screen, a new unique and original poem appears
feel free to share it with the world

play proetry~ there


RMBR (remembrances) is a game about word, memories and loneliness


the first prototype was made during a game jam then it extended to a full experiences which is still in dev


RMBR (remembrances) is supported by the artistic program "brouillon d'un rêve numérique" of the Scam*


play the old prototype there


Slaaam! is a local multiplayer basketball game


easy to get hard to masterize is the key


with minimalistic gameplay and art, Slaaam! is one of those recent game that try to bring back the fun to play together


follow the development there

Fashion 4


created during a game creation event about elections and politics


the game is about finding her place in an electoral system, sharing ideas, and constructing her political identity


made with dziff, pierrec, quentin laloux, géraldine lacroix


find more there

Through the curtain

a new interactive experience for two people design to make two strangers meet and interact without seeing or speaking to each other


made with pierrec, célia gironnet, célia bétourné, luc leture, loïc perillier


find more there

Fashion 4

One of them

a short experiment on characterization and one other thing. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to play


made by pierrec, I was in charge of helping for the french web version


play there


explore a mind through it's thoughts


words everywhere


a non-linear narrative experiment which builds a tortured story


play trepanation there

Fashion 4


inspired byr raymond queneau's book "one hundred million million poems"


Milmiliar is a procedural platformer in which each platform is a word


as a drop of ink you reveal them all and compose a unique and original poem


play Milmiliar in french here and in english there


Lupa is a first experiment to push the physical boundaries of the player


as a whore you show your tits to your webcam to get customers then fake orgasms to your mic to satisfy them


made with dziff


play Lupa there


a multiplayer game for 6 computers and 3 players


each computer stands for a room of the spacship and each player have a specific role


you try to not die in space


made with stijn de vries, sam hambrouck, elliot covve bocxtaele, loïc perillier, romane govin, nicolas crevon, pierre stempin

Til Tunglsins

humanity looks up at the dark sky and sees shiny and bright the moon sleeping there with stars everywhere


all together they start building a stairway just one for all to reach the sky by this way

you're one of them


play Til Tunglsins there

Fashion 4

Cell 22

first real game made for a game jam


infiltration, choices, multiple endings


made with dziff


play Cell 22 there


a narrative runner made for a game jam


why are we playing

why are we pushing those buttons

why achievements means more than the story sometime


made with dziff


play X-press there